Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Sunny Saturday...........

Actually that's a lie! It poured with rain this afternoon, but we were really too busy (and indoors) to notice.
Steve's Mum and Dad came up on a coach trip, for a visit. Great to see them! And only 3 weeks to wait til we see them again! Yay!!
                                           This was a surprise I made for Mum-In-Law.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Autumn Sundays

This afternoon we returned to the beautiful place we discovered last week!
We have actually been several times before, but were restricted to the outer limits of the RSPB reserve as we had Daisy with us. Daisy was our good friend the border collie cross, who came into our lives for 5 short years, from a rescue centre. She loved life and all of us, but seemed to have a soft spot for Steve, for whome she would lie down and watch at his shop all day, unless I came to visit and take her for a walk.

Daisy came with us on a Cornish holiday and enjoyed a windy walk in St Ives. That was back in 2008.

Back to today,

 Here are some of the photos Steve took today.

The path running along the right side of the canal here, used to be the Somerset and Dorset Railway. It carried peat from what is now the wetlands and passengers, post etc., It was part of the mainline from Burnham to Evercreach Junction.

Light levels were very variable today.

At one point Steve said 'wait!' and clicked the camera. I wondered what he was doing, here is the result....................................
The Autumn Shawl!