Sunday, 21 March 2010

And so to Cornwall...........

Today we travelled to Cornwall to spend the day with Irene, my Mother-In-Law's 80th birthday. Steve, Em, Bec and her boyfriend Marcus, all travelled down, setting off at just before 8am From here in Somerset. We generally stop off near Oakhampton for a break and then travel on to St Austell.

Lunch was at 1pm at the Carclays. Usually there is a great view of the bay below, but today wasn't worth the photo! It was so hazy. Maybe next time!
 Our Great Nephew was there today and as no one seemed in a rush to leave after the meal, he sat in hs high chair and entertained us during conversational lulls! He began by getting his Dad's attention (His Mum couldn't join us a she had to work...) but he knew exactly how to play to his audience! First he kept throwing his toy cars on the floor. He would then say a cute little 'uh oh' and then smile endearingly at his Dad. Then he made out he was trying to undo the strap on his chair and made us all laugh with the funny faces he was pulling! He was really a very well behaved little person as he sat there from 1-3pm! He's not even 2 years old yet!

Irene had some great presents, although she hasn't opened them all yet, her birthday isn't until Wednesday. We all had a great time with everyone. Once again we didn't come home empty handed. Irene has always given the girls orange juice to bring home, ever since they were babies, today was no exception. Then there were the local papers and also some home baked cakes, one a fruit cake, was for Steve, the other, a banana cake was for Em.

A grand day out!
Thanks, great parents!

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Today was a day of surprises! I was given a dear little basket of spring flowers, tiny daffodils, irises and hyacinths from my husband, a bunch of tulips and hyacinths from my eldest, a pair of earrings from daughter #2 and a bottle of wine from daughter #3! Thank you all so much! I love them all!

I think the greatest surprise of all, was a visit from Jan! She was hiding in the livingroom when we came back from church Great to see her again! I snapped this just as she was leaving. 

We went to a local garden centre for lunch and she bought some veg seeds for her garden. She is holding, amongst other things, a copy of  Hillier's Guide for the Ammature Gardener. This book was much prized by Steve, who was given it by someone who he use to garden for, back in his roundsman days.. He said wistfully that he misses the gardening on days such as today was. Spring feels as if it is really beginning to happen and the light is changing, no longer the weak sunny winter light, but the type of light that feels stronger adn has the promise of warmth about it..

Here are my lovely cards         

                        My Beautiful flower basket from my husband
My lovely fowers from Jan.
There was also a bottle of Blossom Hill wine from my youngest. Thank you everyone! Thank you also for lunch and the great walk along the canal afterwards! I had a brilliant day.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Today has really felt like the first day of spring! The light here is changing,the sun is getting stronger and there was more warmth in the sun before the wind got up this afternoon. The greatest test? As I rushed into the town early this morning, I needed to take my coat off before I overheated!

Later, as I travelled to Wells by bus, I counted 11 mqgpies in a field, obviously they feel it is time to display and a green woodpecker flew right at the side of the bus as we travelled along a country road! I gasped, but I think I may have been the only person who really saw him! I think they are beautiful! Below is a link to the RSBP web page where you can see illustrations of the bird, listen to its call and watch a very short video (unfortunately it looks as though it's raining, but it gives you an idea.

I visited Wells market again today and, wow! What a difference! Two weeks ago the weather was cold and there was hardly anyone around, today with the sunshine, you couldn't move for the crowds and there were queues (lines) for everything! I bought some black pudding for Steve from the Lancastrian stall. It tastes better if you don't know what goes into it! Some potato cakes, another Lancashire delicacy that I miss my mother-in-law making on our weekly Sunday visits!

Mother-in-law used to prepare them, place them in the fridge and then, when it was nearly teatime, she would put them in the AGA cooker. Then when they were ready, we would eat them lightly spread with butter. Yum!

At long last, actually last Saturday (I just didn't get round to taking the photos!) I have finished my Ravelympic attempt! Here is the result

I need to improve my photography skills, I know, but it gives you an idea. Although I finished after the Olympics had ended, I did manage to finish within 2 weeks. I just had SO many other things going on that I couldn't start on the correct date.

Tonight we are watching John Betjeman traveling by train within Norfolk. The intersting thing about it is that it was filmed in 1962. The title, should you not be able to find it on BBC iplayer, is John Betjeman Goes by Train. I am sure there must be a DVD. Just the social content is interesting, although I don't know the area at all.

This afternoon, Sue and Tess returned for another crochet lesson. They are the sisters who crocheted together on the sofa at out last club meeting. They are both lovely ladies and full of fun! They have now progressed from chain to double crochet. Both went away happy and ready to practise what they have learned.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all who are going to celebrate on Sunday March 14th!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Today was a good day! After church we were all trated to lunch by the pastor and his wife!
Then it being a lovely sunny day, we went for our first family bike ride of the season. Only a short distance today, but just lovely. Quiet country roads and lovely sightings of spring birds. There was a farmyard where we saw a huge flock of starlings. Two crows were displaying over one of the grassy fields. Little longtaile tits were swooping along by the side of the road, next to a field of thatching reeds. They are such sweet little birds, they remind me of ping pong balls with tails. The following is a page from the RSPB page, just in case you don't know what they look like.

Also, if you Google 'Chilton Trinity', you can see images of where we went today. It is SO rural and yet, only a short drive from a major motorway and a very busy town! It's great here, we have it all!


As promised Anita brought her wheel today. This was a first for us. I believe she is the only member of the group who spins at present (of course this may change!). Here is a lady who loves the creative process from start to finish! She purchases dyed fibre, but the rest is all her own work. She spins, hand or machine-knits or crochets and produces some wonderful garments!

We all loved the soothing sound of the wheel as it spun, so soothing!Sorry, Anita, next time I'll make sure I catch you spinning, not adjusting!

Two new ladies came today. Sue and Tess. Here they are showing that they have learned a new skill, crochet! As it was Sue's birthday today, I thought she ought to have a cake! I know what you're saying.............any excuse!



  So of course, it had to be chocolate. 


  Once again Patricia was creating more of her lovely baby crocheted jackets, hats, bootees and leggings. They are so perfect. All in beautiful colours. She was working in a self-striping yarn today, but when crocheted, it is varigated.

Another friend, is in the process of moving and donated this yarn to us. It arrives in a box just labelled 'wool'. I opened it at the club today and discovered she had put the yarn into colour groups! I was just expecting a bin liner or something similar inside! It was a lovely surprise. Anita who workswith young people who have had a rough time took some of the yarn for a young girl who is desperate to knit something, yet has nothing. She was found trying to knit using a pencil and crochet hook because she had no needles! Those of us with a stash and all that goes with, such as needles and pretty stitch markers let us count our blessings! We are always adding fibre, I talk as much to myself here, but maybe sometimes we need to think more of what others may be in need of! The colours in these little bags look so lovely, maybe they could be used to bless more desperate young people!

I wish I had something of my own to show you this time! But alas, so near yet sofar still unfinished! I am pleased with how my ravelympic cardi is shaping up. Howevver the yarn is an unknown quantity to me being 30% wool and the rest Draylon! It is very soft, but I am just a little conserned that it is prone to felting or pilling! Pictures will be up as soon as it's finished.