Wednesday, 13 April 2011

He just made me laugh!

Billy has a blanket in his little bed which he uses to make a kind of cocoon. I think as he is getting older he feels the cold more. This morning it looked as though he forced himself to get up, but diguised himself as Dougal from The Magic Roundabout. Anyone remember that kids' show? Grown men (I have it on good authority) used to rush home from work to see it!

Billy's disguise!
 Here's a link for you in case you don't know what I'm on about:
I'd forgotten it contained anything remotely satiristic (is there such a word?)

Have a great day everyone :)


Sorry this post is late! I promised you pics a few days ago and some were supposed to appear after Sunday. Hmm.............slight problem there..........................I managed to delete them all! We had a lovely day, the weather I think was possibly the warmest it has been so far this year. The pics I took of Steve were some of the best ever!
So yesterday, I repeated the trip. But as Steve was not with me, it was not the same! The weather was not the same... it was cold, windy and at one point there was rain in the air, but fortunately it never came to much. I did have a couple of chats to some of the people I met along the way. One lady is in the process of trying to move and told me a brief story about how her Dad was torpedoed in the war. Another group of people on the next table to me in a cafe, turned out to be from Brighton, where I worked before I was married, it's a small world and SO interesting.

So, first, here are some images from yesterday (you'll have to imagine DH was there, and the sun was firstly present, secondly warm!)

They tried for ages to get this boat into the water, but I think the tide was too low. I don't have a picture, but they did succeed.

This museum is only one tiny room, but so interesting, we visited last month when it hammered down with rain! The building also comprises a chapel, upstairs and an old police cell, which can be seen from the other end.

                              Don't you just love the natural yarn-like colours in this sea scape? 
Not the best picture, but the subject is very dear to the family's heart! We are all lovers of steam! This is the West Somerset Railway.

Another change in the weather and this was today . One of Dad's favourite local places. I know I have covered this in a previous post, but I have tried to show you some other angles today.

Glastonbury Abbey

The herb garden, where all the plants are clearly marked with their names and what their use was during the time when the medieval monks were here. This site was their cider house.

 Two pictures of the Abbot's kitchen. Designed with the tower at the top to suck the smoke from the fires, one at each of the four corners, out of the kitchen.     

                                 The monks source of cider apples. They had their own orchard.

It is still spring here and there are many beautiful flowers still in bloom. Some are cultivated, some are wild, but there are no weeds here, they are all doing their own thing!



                                                                         Apple Blossom

                                                 One Dad and his dog Billy                                                                   

Just a couple more images, the first one of the main arches, the second looking out to Glastonbury Parish Church.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Happy Weekend everyone!

Tomorrow's mini adventure will be a little different to the usual walks.
Last week we took a bus to a fairly local tourist destination. The weather was pretty dire, hense the lack of photos. However, during the journey, the driver told us that the Sunday service was due to end on April 10th! We could not believe it, but the local council have cut the money for public transport, so they have decided that the only way they can operate is to cut Sunday buses. The buses in the evenings are to be cut too. I feel very sorry for people who do not have access to a car, or for whatever reason, do not drive and who have relatives in hospital. They will not be able to visit in the evenings any more. There are also many people in Somerset who have been using the bus to get to and from work. I know of at least one person who will now be looking for a new job as he is now unable to travel to the village where he works in time for the beginning of his day.

I have not been idle this week, This is a picture of the bag I am knitting. As you will see, the body of it is made in one piece. You then pick up and knit stitches from the edges and from them, form the sides. These stiches then form the handle. I won the Noro Yarn a couple of years ago when I went to a Knit In Public Day.
I have now felted the bag, which has become incredibly soft and just need to line it with the fabric from the denim skirt I bought from a charity shop (cunning eh?). Hopefully I will be able to make use of the ready-made pockets.
                                                   The colours are really bright! I love it!
I have also made one and a half Baby Surprise Cardies, once again, more pictures when the sun gets up!