Wednesday, 20 July 2011

At last.........................

For a couple of weeks, since we took a diversion to get off the main road congested by Glastonbury Music festival traffic, as people returned home, we have been trying to get a photo of a little we noticed sitting on a ruined building at the side of the road. Whenever we would pass by with a camera at the ready, it was even more ready for us and would fly off before we had time to click. Tonight was different! Got you little owl!...............
We were quite a long way from this chimney. But as you can see, this is a well used perch!
You can find out more about Little Owls here..........
Click for more information, to hear thecalls and to see a wonderful picture that really shows the scale of a Little Owl. A truely lovely bird!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Sorry, no pics today. The weather was awful! SO wet! So what did we do? Well there should have been photos of a vintage steam rally, but Steve didn't fancy getting the car stuck in a muddy field! So instead we went on our favourite steam railway. Steve bought a rover ticket for the day and we spent a lovely afternoon going up and down the line. I have never drunk so much Ginger Beer! Non alcoholic, of course!
Here's a link to the train site............

From the train, you can see this castle, Dunster Castle.................
As you can see, it is now owned by The National Trust. For more information on its history and some more pics, you can click on the following link..............
One day we will go and have a proper look at the castle and I will be able to post my own photos.

I have taken up the Tour De Fleece challenge. This is predominantly a spinning activity. although many who don't spin, set themselves a knitting I have finished 3 shawls and a baby cardie since the bike race started. Shawl 3 still needs blocking (soaking, stretching out, and pinning and then left to dry naturally), but here are the first 2.

 This pattern is called the Swallowtail and is designed by Evelyn A. Clark . Surprisingly. the shawl pictured below, is taken from the same pattern. The one above, is in silk yarn, the one below is a self striping sock yarn.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Clasical Mileend Alpaca Visit

Sunday July 10th was a red letter day for me! We took a young friend down to Devon with us, a she has just finished her GCSE's and had an expressed a desire to meet some alpacas (I didn't need much persuasion!). Steve very kindly drove us there and we took great delight in meeting and photographing the animals.Thanks to Chas and Rachel for allowing us to wander through their farm.

Just some of the pics I took. If you have never been up close and personal to these animals, but have heard people say how peaceful they are, I can now speak from personal experience........they certainly are! Very inquisitive, they will stare at you for a while, allow you to stare back and then continue with their business. In the lowest of the fields, the gate was open and the largest female of the group became very concerned as some of  the younger alpacas in her care were moved back into her field. It was her responsibility to ensure they got home safely and came to direct the traffic past a small group of visitors. As they returned this little one above was greeted with some special comfort.
Just a perfect day!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Very Brief Steam Train Ride

This afternoon, on this very hot and sunny day we drove to our favourite cafe/ farm shop for lunch. Their ducks have recently had babies. The first picture was taken before lunch, the second, after. Well it was a very hot day and they had just eaten well!

After lunch, drove down to Watchet in Somerset and took the West Somerset Steam train to Washford., a which is about a 10 minute trip. From there, we walked down a couple of  footpaths until we found what used to be an old mineral railway line.  Small engines used to carry iron ore to the local harbour. The last engines were second hand trains from the London Metropoliton Line. So they were made to run in tunnels.

Why is it that when you want a decent pic of a butterfly, it folds up its wings and pretends to be drab? This was a painted lady, you wouldn't think she was proud of her colours though, would you?

You've known me take better pics of wild geraniums too! I tried for ages to eliminate the sun from these eye popping little beauties, but still, the sun has bleached their showiness! Sigh!
Now, I have shown you the wildlife here is the industry:

Here is a link, with a map of where we walked:   You can also find a link with more details about the steam railway there. Here is an interesting link for those of you interested in the local histoy of the area
What is Watchet Blue? Find out more here and also more about the paper mill-

They were made by Bayer Peacock's in Manchester. The rails have long since gone, but what is left is a  footpath amidst shady trees, and signs of wildlife. Today because it was so hot, we saw many butterflies, including a painted lady, we heard a buzzard, but I think it could have been a chick calling to an adult from it's nest under the cover of the trees. We also saw a beautiful green and yellow striped dragonfly. I am sorry, it was to quick to photograph, but if anyone knows the name of this beauty, Steve and I would like to know!

I managed to do some knitting while we were there

 and we got a photograph of a Hymec engine, Steve says that they are pretty rare these days, not many were made in the fist place. They were used for China Clay Trains, as well as passenger trains in Cornwall.