Thursday, 30 June 2011

Couldn't Wait to share this with you!

On Tuesday, we went for a walk after work because the weather was so good, warm and sunny. We set off from a car park in Glastonbury, for the Tor. However, to get there, we had to hit the High Street. We therefore, especially as it was more than time for tea, stopped off at The Hundred Monkeys for a ploughman's, which we both have to say, is the best we have ever tasted! All from local ingredients. Somerset Cheddar and Brie!
On leaving there, we ventured on, passing the Chalice Well Garden, a peaceful place which I have visited once before, then up the hill to the Tor.
This is the view from about halfway up the hill. Doesn't it look great in the sunshine? But then, as is England's way.............enticing you to do something outdoorsy and then................ can see how fast it changed! We could see the rain coming across, so as Steve didn't have a raincoat with him and had laughed at me for taking mine, we beat a hasty retreat! And then? Well you can the time we arrived back at the car the sun had the audacity to come back out! That was our Tuesday evening!

This is just a taste of where I work.

These are our school gardens. Partly a memorial garden (the gravel garden), but I wanted you to be able to enjoy the wild flower garden with me. I believe it was planted by the children.

Just round the corner from here, there is also a raised bed kitchen garden,where the children grow crops such as potatoes, peas, onions and there is even a grape vine!

Wednesday night, we arrived home from work, having previously receiving a text from Bec reminding us that she was preparing tea with Lee's help. Well what a surprise!  When we were allowed further than the living room, we were given a Pimms (yum!), then we were invited into the garden, where the very overgrown grass had been cut! The table had been placed out there, complete with cloth and a posy of flowers from the garden and the most delicious looking sandwiches and salad goodies placed on top of doilies ( I had forgotten I had made them!).
Thank you Bec and Lee! It was delicious! It made our evening!

I have also finished some knitting! Actually, I finished this a couple of weeks ago, but only just got round to having someone take the photo. I used the Tapan Zee pattern, which is available from the free online magazine, Knitty. Here is a link to the latest issue

Here it is in the making...................

Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Stroll in The Hot Hot Sun!

Today, the rain has well and truelly left us for the day, at least! It feels like a proper summer's day! So we met up with Bec had a very good lunch and went for a walk in the woods. She and I had a rather large cheese salad with a huge bread roll, at the local farm cafe, attached to a cheese factory.

 Look carefully for the grasshopper!



We went to Greatwood where we parked the car next to two horse boxes. We kept meeting the horses and their riders as we walked.

This horse got a well deserved cool dip on a very hot day! I wished I had taken a pic of it when it left the was gleaming!

A lovely, very hot day!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Catchup time!

We are often to be found on a woodland walk on a sunny Sunday.

These were all taken in Greatwood, on the Quantocks on May 1st 

The following day, we woke up and Steve said, 'I fancy another trip on the train. How about a walk along the canal n Bath?' It was a lovely day and we were once again childless, so only ourselves to worry about. So after a coffee and cookie at this little cafe just across from Bath Spa Station, we set off. The lady who served us was very pleasant, possibly Polish, but we weren't sure. The decor of the cafe was unusual, more like somone's living room diner. Here's me.........

and here's my man, wearing the apaca sealess vest I made him, from a pattern I created myself. He wears it a lot, so I am happy.

We dined from pretty plates,

these cupcakes were fake, but they added colour, they did sell real ones too and they looked really tasty!

My Mum used to have a frame like this in the kitchen, where she hung washing up to dry during rainy weather. With the smaller houses that most of us live in these days, I think someone may be missing a trick, how handy would one of these be up near the ceinling, while life goes on below? But now, we only seem to use them for posh kitchens and hang pots and pans for them. However, I thought this was a cute use.
These flowers on the long dining table next to ours were also a nice touch.

Enough about cafes! It wasn't long before we set off on our walk. I thought this was an interesting effect, looking under the bridges to where the lock gates were just closing.
Then we watched these holiday makers taking their narrow boat through the lock, along with another (closest to the camera), who I think may have been people who lve aboard their boat. We would have been termed by a 'live aboard' as 'gongoozlers', that is the name for people like us who like to stop and stare at narrow boaters, or just dream of retiring to life on the canal one day in the future!
I was amazed at how fast the water flowed into the lock and the boats were soon under way again.

Another thing that is lovely about a walk along the toe path of the Kennet and Avon canal, is the variety of scenary. For a while you pass through the outskirts of Bath, where you come across little scenes like the one on the left. 
Every so often, there is a sign such as this. Notice the 5/- (5 shillings) reward.

This, we learned on a TV programme the other day, used to be the headquarters for the whole of the canal some years ago. There must have been so much trafic in the industrial heyday of coal and other goods that had to be carried by canal, before the coming of the railway.
There are many beautiful bridges on the canal on the outskirts of the city, from the information on the BBC programme we watched, this is because the landowners didn't really want the canal to interfere with their land!
                                                               O SO many bridges!

For a while the railway runs paralell to the canal. Here is Steve whistfully remembering the golden age of steam!
We also came across some art work,
The wheels on this sculpture were rotating with the wind. As you can see, it was called Recycle, and I wondered if it was connected to anything to utilise the power of the wind it was catching.
This boat, which was also featured on the BBC programme aboutthe area, was for sale. The whole of the cover, I think, was detatchable, below is the strange head, fitted to the stern.

This one is for you Bec!

 AND then, suddenly, thanks to a pair of rather cheap traiers, our walk was over! Steve had developed a large blister on the back of his foot! So we hotfooted it back to the cantre of Bath and enjoyed an afternoon in a park, Parade Gardens.We were treated to a bout of nostalgia, by the Goognight Sweethearts. They sang all the old wartime favourites, which even the likes of us who were not around in those days know many of the words to.

The girls were dressed in charactor and between sets came round and met their audience. A truely lovely experience.

This duck thought so too................ or was he just after the remains of the sanwiches and picnics of the audience? It doesn't take birds long to catch on to a good source of food! In their world, there is such a thing as a free lunch! Ther was also a cafe there, so no one had to go without either a cup of tea or a cake!

Half Term Holiday
The weather during half term in April, was amazing! So warm and sunny, it was more like summer than summer itself! Every now and again, a friend who I met during the course of work, and I try to meet up for a day during school holidays. She now lives in Yeovil and we were able to walk through the beautiful Nine Springs Gardens.

      We watched the heron for ages, while we ate our lunch. It is obvoiusly very used to people walking past all the time.
Anyone know what these are?

We had a lovely day together!

 Days out with my Dad
We went to Weston Super Mare.  

Another trip, was to the Cannington College Walled Garden 

These oriental poppies were just wonderful!


Conference Pears are special to me. I have never made a secure link, but Conference Pears were developed byu a Thomas Rivers in Victorian times. When he featured on The BBC's Victorian Kitchen Garden years ago, I often thought we might be related,as my fathe's name is Rivers. He also resembled my Dad!

Steve and I found time....
To go on a couple of bike trips. In the time he has had his shop, he has hardly had time to ridehis bike at all.
We came upon this beautiful horse along the way. Hopefully we will get more time to do these     recreational things together soon. Anyone who is in the retail trade will know what I mean!          

One Sunday afternoon...
Steve said (you'll be used to this by now!) 'Let's take the train instead of going for a walk'. His foot was still sore at the time, so we took the lunchtime train to Cardiff.

                   It was to late to visit anywhere specific sowe had a stroll around the city.