Monday, 5 December 2011

Been in such a whirl!

Well, the business is under way! Yesterday we took Em to Minehead and took some pics of her modelling some of my knitwear for the shop. We are now officially trading under the name, 'Country Quality' and trying to promote British products. Pics are on another computer, so they are to follow. But I have been knitting like a mad thing, which is why m blog has been a bit (!) neglected!

You can see us on Facebook at our page, Country Quality from this link...................

On anther tack..............
I was listening to a podcast the other day that provoked me into thinking about things I do to inspire others. It's difficult sometimes to think of how others perceive us isn't it? A few people who have seen me knitting at the bike shop have mentioned how nostalgic it makes them feel, how it is a dieing art. One lady who came in the other day is having problems making a pair of socks and wants help working on the heel. Maybe I have spurred her on to getting to the place she feels she needs help with?
Then I got to thinking about the way I spend my weekends. I remember moving here and thinking that I don't get many opportunities to met people where I live; my children don't need meeting from the school gate any more and I work half an hour's drive away, so both those shared experiences are lost with regard to getting to know people. What else do I have to offer? I looked online for a group of knitters who I could share life with. I went to and discovered a wealth of like minded crafters from all over the world. There were so many groups, both of crafty interests, but some who were quite diverse, apart from their interest in fibre related likes.I discovered that some had listed groups in my location! Knit In Public Day was coming up and I found that there was a group meeting just 10 or so minutes away from my front door! There were a lovely group, from all walks of life, but all with an interest in craft. The weather was perfect and we all met in a park, shared food and ideas. I want more of this I thought.

So I went home and wrote out an invitation for people to come and join a new group of crafters with a special interest in crochet and knitting. Be began by meeting ounce a month in a local church, but then when the cafe there closed, I decided that my home was big enough for us to meet in. So as of about three years ago we have met here once a month. We have a great time, we compare notes on our projects, spend time putting the world to rights and generally chatting about things that some of us wouldn't even feel totally comfortable sharing with our partners. These ladies (we have had one gentleman visit us once, so far, oh apart from a very handsome 8 month little boy!) have become some of my best friends! We number a singer, two teaching assistants, two stay at home mums, a librarian and a warehouse worker. We are from several different countries. But we all inspire one another!
My tip to any lonely people out there is................Look at your talents! What do you enjoy doing? What is your passion? Sometimes you don't have to look further than your own doorstep to make a difference to other people in your community! Don't just sit around saying, 'But I don't know anyone!' or, 'I could never lead anything like that!' I always used to think that, but actually, it's easy! The rewards are so great! Next Saturday one of the ladies and I are going to share a table at a local craft fair, it's great to have friends to share with!