Sunday, 6 June 2010

Life Happens.............

Sorry I haven't posted here for a while. We had some shocking news lately, telling us that an aunt and uncle, my Mum's sister and her hubby, died within a few days of one another. I am not proud of the fact that although they, as do I, live in UK and we heard via another branch of the family via Australia! We have drifted into a scattered family who only communicate rarely and hardly ever meet. That said, we do visit one another if we are in the local area. I feel very ashamed that this has happened and the information came to us in this way!

On to happier things..........
Easter was a happy time for us. Dad came to stay and we went to the donkey sanctuary where his adopted donkey lives with his friends. It was a rather cold day and I was surprised to see so many people with their dogs. There was a couple there with thier family of golden retrievers.  wish I had taken a photo. The couple were having a snack in the yard and the dogs were obviously used to waiting for them. The ages ranges from about 15 years, to just a few weeks. All were excellantly behaved! They just lay cuddled up to one another.

A few weekends ago, we visited a little village on the outskirts of Exmoor. It fulfills the dream of those who would love to escape the rat race and exchange it for the peace and beauty of the countryside. It was so lovely that I recorded the birdsong and took some great spring colour photos. Here is the little church at the top of the carpark.

And this is the view from the church! Isn't it stunning?

We enjoyed ourselves so much that day; walking, looking at the natural world around us, eating cream tea and listening to the wonderful birdsongs, that we took DD#1 and her DH there just tow weeks later.

This is the small  and much photographed bridge and ford in the village of Allerford. There are one or two cream tea shops in the village, a Reading Room Club and an old school room that has been tirned into a very interesting museum ith a blacksmith's behind. Only a very small place, but so much to see!I have noticed the following pic on several calendars of The West Country, or Somerset.

The little packhorse bridge and ford in the village apears on many calendars illustrating South West England. The road comes sharply down hill, and then divides into an ajoining footpath/bridal way over the bridge. Just before the bridge, walkers pass under the little porch of the cottage.

Yet another church. Not far from the bridge, I wanted to add this pictur specially for any knitters out there. From this angle, it looks as though there are sheep in the churchyard! Yes, it really is that rural! Right nest door, cream teas are served. As we sat indoors (the weather had cooled slightly and there was a cool breeze), we watched the parrots on their perches and wathced several hawks and owls been taken to their respective places as the place doubles as a falconry centre.

What does this tell you about the goodness of a well made cream tea? DD#2 and I thought it was pretty good! And we're pretty tough crittics!

This picture gives you some idea of how the two little villages look. Selworthy is mainly owned by the National Trust and many of the cottages have thatched rooves. They still have their village green with the cottages looking as though they have been 'planted' around it. Just beautiful! Note the tall chimneys, all thatched homes have these to prevent sparks catching the thatch alight. The walls are about 3ft thick, providing a cozy home during the cold British winters.

That was our first visit.
Two weeks later, much warmer weather and in the company of DD# and her DH. He took this photo.

Reading left to right:DD#1, DD#3,DD#2,me andDH.

Just to bring everything up to date, we are into June. It hardly seems possible! Dad came over again and spent a few days here with little dog Billy. It was my half term, so we were able once again to spend some time together. We didn't go very far this time, but it was just good once again to be together. Dad spent much of his time reading a book just out by a friend of ours

Mike is a good friend of ours. Such a hard worker, as his his wife Jenny. They worked very hard when he had Newquay Zoo in Cornwall. He and Jenny always had time for a chat. DH and I, often took a special needs lad with us while D#3 had her Zoo Club meeting. We used to look forward to taking him and no matter how busy, Mike and Jenny always made hime feel special! Since then, Mike has been involced with many ventures, such as running Canonteign Falls in Devon and the charity for children, which was stated at the zoo, Marc's Ark. His book is full of pictures of the animals and people he has been involved with over the years.
Speaking of anmals,we are now following a family of swans on the local canal. We are so fortunate to have such a great resource so close to home, within walking distance! It  quite beatiful (once you get away from the rubbsh around the town).

Pictures of the swans to follow...


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