Friday, 17 December 2010

Bad Blogger!!!

I am a bad blogger! Sorry I haven't posted for so long! I have been busy with knitting, Christmas gifts and other items!
However, today was the last day of term ans although there will be plenty going on, I won't have so many deadlines to keep to.

A couple of weeks ago now, we had our last craft meet up of the year which was complete with nibbles and prezzies............. special thanks to Secret Santa!
As you will see, there is a birthday cake amongst the plates of goodies! Here, below, is the birthday girl!
Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful cake to share with us!

Today as it was the last day of school God provided the children with a good amount of snow to play in! This is what the Somerset high street looked like, just before we left for home:

Happy Christmas from Somerset in the UK!

It's now December 18th......... and we still have snow! It's taken everyone by surprise, we hardly ever get snow (except this and last year!) We certainly haven't had any before Christmas for a very long time!

 Not my snowmen, these! I wish they were! I passed them as I was walking back from a Christmas shopping trip.


  1. All that snow!! Could be Canada....Have a great Christmas! Danielle in Ottawa

  2. Thank you Danielle, have a great time where you are too!