Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Its very rare for Steve and I to be able to just spend time around the house. Usually we have to dash around visting friends and family or are busy with church activities when not involved with the business. Well, this Christmas, we've done the visiting bit so now we are just enjoying some time together. We have both been enjoying some seasonal TV and radio together whilst pursuing our individual crafts.

I know............I have been promising everyone a pic of Steve spinning for ages! He is practicing the rythem of the treadle here, he has a couple of Shetland fleeces to spin when he's ready. They are LUSH!

If you have access to BBC Radio 7 on iPlayer where you are, I can recommend Jagged Prayer by Robert Smith, which is quite light listening. Also the Narnian Chronicles, which I think you will proberbly already know. Cover Her Face by PD James is also available. I haven't listened to Santa__ A Life, yet, but it sounds good!

We went for a short walk today, just to get some fresh air, but it was extreemly slippery still. I think it will be better tomorrow as we have had pretty heavy rain tonight and it doesn't feel cold enough to freeze.

We are childless for the while as our 'live at home most of the time' daughters are busy out in the world. We spoke to all 3 at various times during the day. It was great to get through to China at last to speak to DD#2!  Thank goodness for the invention of video calls via the net!

          I took this pic of her while we were chatting. She looks well and I love the new haircut!

I am in the process of making a scarf from a pattern I am creating as I go along (hope it works out!), not a very good one,but it gives some idea, oh yes and I have also had my hair cut!

I hope whatever you are doing, however you are spending the remains of the Christmas break and the New Year Holiday, that you have a really good time. A Happy New Year to all!

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  1. Wow, what an industrious family. Love the spinning and the scarf !!
    Skype has been the making of our christmas too this year...
    huggles and onwards and upwards into 2011