Saturday, 19 February 2011

New Camera!

Sorry I haven't posted here as often as I would have liked recently.

This is mainly due to the fact that I've had my Dad staying for a couple of weeks. There are problems, but much too much to mention here! He is home for the moment and I am on half term! So I am enjoying a bit of me time for a couple of days!

We still plan to walk on Sunday afternoons. So I should have a report for you on Monday. Especially as I now have a new little camera of my own, thanks to Dad!

Steve had a birthday last Tuesday and he now has a new library! I gave him a book on one of his favourite subjects, railway history. My Dad gave him a whole set of HD Westercott's walking guides. They were written back in the 1960's or so, but he had already owned the walker's handbook, written byu the same person, but used until it fell to bits! So now we have many other places to explore! It will be a bit like Micheal Portillo's BBC series where he takes the train and uses a rather ancient Bradshaw Guide, written back in the day when Sherlock Holms and Dr Watson were solving crimes! So as you can imagine, a few things have changed!

Firstly, the camera, I have tried it out, here are a few of my results:
Having trouble loading............. I will post asap

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