Friday, 17 June 2011

Knit in Public Day in Bradford on Avon

I have other posts to publish here and I have been working on them, a trip to Yeovil, another to Bath, another to the beautiful Walled Garden in Cannington.But they will all have to wait! I want to tell you about the wonderful day I spent with a group of friends, mostly people who I hadn't known before I arrived at Bradford On Avon last Saturday.

As most of my readers probably know, I am a knitter. I am a member of the online community of knitters, spinners and crotchers on Ravelry. You may have seen my post about Scotland last year. Steve and I met SO many lovely people while we were there. There is something special about people who create things with their hands.

So, today, June 11th, I left home just after 7.45am to catch my train and my adventure began! My first train was on time and a couple of hours later, I arruved at Bath Spa, where I caught a train that was travelling on to Portsmouth. I was only going as far as Bradford on Avon. I arrived on time, but early for the event that took place today. So I had time to look around the quaint little town.
I bought some lunch at a little takeaway/cafe, Maples, which seemed to specialise in organic and deli type foods. My sandwich was delicious!

Then, as this was a knitting day, I walked up the street to Jumble Jelly the towns new craft shop. Here I met Rox, who is lovely! Very friendly and I learned, already knew about me from Misselle! I felt famous for 15 seconds (!). I purchased some beautiful yarn from the shop. A skein of sock yarn, which is already a pair of socks, in Sweetpea colours and another, pale green silk, which is destined to become a little shawl!

Rox at Jumble Jelly.
I was one of the first to arrive at the gardens where the gazebo was to be errected and here I met the other half of Jumble Jelly, Deb, who is also a lovely lady! They both have SO many things planned for the shop! A string of workshops are planned. Some of them will be specifically with children in mind and will run during the summer holidays. Deb has a plan to get children using not only knitting needles, crocher hooks, but also sewing machines!

Here is an early picture, before everyone else arived. Left are mother and daughter team Carolyn and Victoria, and to the right is the lovely Deb. Sitting in te shade, towards the centre is my 'found online friend' Misselle. Now the wellkown podcaster
This young lady is a star! Aged 11, she has already learned to knit..........can you crochet too? She had made this great scarf and then chose afterwards to follow Misselle'sadvice and make it into a snake by sewing on a great face with black shiney eyes. I love it! You are a great advert for the shop! Your Mumshould be proud! But be careful or she'll have you teaching workshops!
Here is Peter being interviewed by Misselle. We were all in great admiration of his socks that he knitted as tubes, but somehow he made them flat on 2 needles, when finished, he opened the tube out for the first time! I said I thought he was a magician! He also had us all in awe at his method of casting off his work. A technique that he has taught himself and something that none of us had seen before. It was grat chatting to you Peter. I would love to know more of your knitting story! You had probably been knitting for longer than any of us ladies! Very impressive!

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