Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Clasical Mileend Alpaca Visit

Sunday July 10th was a red letter day for me! We took a young friend down to Devon with us, a she has just finished her GCSE's and had an expressed a desire to meet some alpacas (I didn't need much persuasion!). Steve very kindly drove us there and we took great delight in meeting and photographing the animals.Thanks to Chas and Rachel for allowing us to wander through their farm.

Just some of the pics I took. If you have never been up close and personal to these animals, but have heard people say how peaceful they are, I can now speak from personal experience........they certainly are! Very inquisitive, they will stare at you for a while, allow you to stare back and then continue with their business. In the lowest of the fields, the gate was open and the largest female of the group became very concerned as some of  the younger alpacas in her care were moved back into her field. It was her responsibility to ensure they got home safely and came to direct the traffic past a small group of visitors. As they returned this little one above was greeted with some special comfort.
Just a perfect day!

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