Friday, 5 August 2011

A little bit of ..........all sorts!

Cindy and the Red Barnies, this is especially for you! Last Saturday, was Craft Club Day! We met a week earlier than usual, because I would be away on holiday on the first Saturday of August. We had perhaps the youngest member ever in our meeting, but also perhaps, the oldest gentleman, my Dad who wishes his exact age to be kept from the world. Let's just say that he won't see 75 again!
Sorry, no movie clips as I almost forgot to take any! But here they are.......................

So here's our youngest member! This is second visit. Because his Mum's holding him up, he looks so much older, but he's just 3 months old. Little H, isn't he wonderul? Oh and Mum is a great crocheter! She creates her own patterns and sells her hand made goods at our LYS.

And here's my Dad! Handsome? He's great, he joins in with everything when he comes to stay. He doesn't knit, although he probably knows how.

Nita is a spinning whiz! She is working on some socks for her Dad made with a fleece we brought back for her from Shetland, while we were at Knit Camp, last year. She has spent many evenings here with Steve, helping him with his spinning. 
Trisha is a crocheter and her work is beautiful! She makes and sells babywear from vintage patterns.

Penny is a lovely lady, but hasn't been too well lately, so she isn't working on a project here. She just loves Little H and was chatting to him while I snapped this. He was giggling back by the way

                                                                                    Here is Anne, this is her first visit for a while because she is a fantastic singer and has been involved in a couple of shows in the community where she lives. She is a beautiful knitter. She enjoys making toys but is trying her hand at larger projects
Here is a closer look at the lovely spinning Nita did. Those are going to be warm socks!
Our best wishes to all you who meet in that Little Red Barn at Jacob's Reward Farm! We love reading about you all and hearing all your news.

During Dad's stay, the weather was wonderful and we travelled, mostly by bus, allover the place!
We went over to the coast to meet up with daughter #3 several times, for lunch. After seeing her, we would then go for a walk. There is a walk that Dad enjoys, as there are plenty of rest stops.
I know this is a poor shot, but we were surprised to see this Great Crested Grebe in the park. They are usually veryshy birds, yet there were plenty of people around, some were fishing. He did his own bit of fishing, diving to the bottom for such a long time, we thought we'd lost him! Take a look at the link, as well as some better pictures,
there is a great little clip showing the courtship 'dance' these pretty little birds do, once they have chosen their mate.
They are just the most delightful little birds and you can find out quite a bit about them on the same site.

As a trikcyclist, this was of great interest to me. I have a friend who lives close to where I work who has a similar machine. They are known as tadpoles. This gentleman, was eager for me to take a photograph. He said he can often be seen at steam fairs as he not only has this three wheeler, but a collection of trade bikes.

Those who are members of Ravelry (the online community of fibre crafters), will know that every year, during the summer, many people, especially spiners take part in an event called The Tour de Fleece. This takes place while the Tou de France is happening. Unlike the cyclists who ride over mountains finishing up on the Champs Elys√©es in Paris, France. I do not spin, as regular readers will know, I leave that to Steve! So I set myself the challenge to make as many shawls during the 3 weeks as I could. Here's what I managed to make...............

This is a Swallowtail Shawl from the pattern by Evlyn Clark.
This is
Celaeno, from Rosemary Hill's ebook, 7 Small Shawls to Knit.

Here's another swallowtail. I think I prefer the stripes.

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