Monday, 23 November 2009

Just 3 days later than Bexie's birthday, is mine, so we usually have a joint special meal. Yhis year we have my Dad staying with us, so he was able to join in.

During the same weekend, we had a visit from Jan and Jim again and went to Wells to See Ellie's jewellery work in a new gallery.

Jan and I bought some bits and pieces from the wool shop. Then it was back to our town to purchace the netbook Jim had reserved for me, for my birthday. I just want to say, if anyone who contributed reads this, and you know who you are, thnk you very much, I love it! And it's great not to have to beg someone else for the loan of their computer for a few hours!

Sunday we went to Montecute Village amid raather a lot of Somerset mud! Unfortunately Bexie had left her shoes in someone else's car and wasn't really dressed for the occaision, but I am happy to report that she remained upright!

Although it had been raining lots and very windy, there was still some colour on the trees. The water you can see at the bottom of the hill, is supposed to be there, it's a pond. There were quite a few fish in it too! But the most unexpected animals we found were a couple of alpacas!

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