Saturday, 6 February 2010


Today we met for the first time at my home as the place where we usually meet is closed on a Saturday for a while. We had such a great time! A new lady came for the first time today and said as she was leaving that she hadn't known quite what to expect, but had found us all really friendly, she was SO impressed that she is coming back a week on Monday to block a beautiful shawl she has made!

We now have partners in the USA! Jacob's Reward Farm have joined up to increase our numbers! We have virtual knitting sisters! Yay! Hi, Cindy and all you others who meet in the Red Barn! You can view a link to them from Followers on here and from there you will also find their podcast! There are great things happening on the farm!

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  1. Thanks, Caro! We will be meeting this Saturday and I'll get some pictures to share with your ladies. How wonderful to share across the miles! xoxox