Thursday, 29 July 2010

Home and enjoying it!

Firstly I have to say here, at long last are the pics of the cooking I promised to post.
A friend sent me a little book of vegetarian recipes. Her Grandmother used to make Glamorgan sausages which she remembered being delicious. So they were the first things I made from the book.
They are relly easy, the breadcrumbs, Carphilly cheese, onion and egg I mixed in the food mixer. Then it was just a case of dipping them in egg and rolling in breadcrumbs before shallow frying them..........yum!

Here they are before cooking.

And here is the finished product, ready for eating!
We ate them with jacket potatoes and didn't need any snacks that evening!

Last weekend, we went to do some clothes shopping on Sunday. This is unheard of for Steve! He hates shopping with a passion! But needs must,and after all there is a holiday on the horizon! So off to Taunton we went.
You know the saying,'you never know what you're going to see when you're out'?
Well take a look at this; a Gamelan from Indonesia, outside The Brewhouse Theatre! I think the idea was for members of the public to have a go, but I would have loved to hear it being played!

Yesterday I made some six seed bread rolls and today I made cheesy carrot flan. I don't remember doing so much quality cooking since I started my present job! It is just so lovely to have the summer to my self and be around the home more.

Also yesterday, my friend Anita cmae over, she is Nita29 on Ravelry. She is a lovely lady. She spins and knits, but also machine knits. She very kindly brought her knitting machine over to give me a hand with something I needed in rather a hurry.

Today I have been with a new friend, who due to health problems which mean she cannot leave the house too often, I rode the trike over to visit. She is a lovely lady, Yarnspider1 on Ravelry, with a son who wasn't feeling too well (he had a bad cold),2 beautiful dogs and a husband who looks after them all. I am rather envious, as ahe has what many of us would put on their dream list, namely a craft cabin in the garden! Lovely! Full of looms, carders, a spinning wheel and all the other things you would expect to see in the presence of a finbry person! We only met today, yet it was as though we had known each other for ever by the time we said goodbye! Yarnspider is now an honorary member of Bridgy Craft Group! Other members of the group will be visiting you Yarnspider!

I am still working on The Crowprint Shawl that I want to take to Knit Camp. The days are going so fast, it won't be long before DH and I are on our way to Stirling! I am so excited!

We haven't been to look for the swans lately. The last time we went, it seemed they had disappeared. We think that they may have moved out into the more rural part of the canal. Maybe that would be a job for tomorrow or Saturday, to go and look for them again. I would love to know how many signets have survived.

More cooking! I have excelled myself lately, those who know me well will know what I'm saying, especially daughter #1! Here are some 6 Seed Bread Rolls I made on Wednesday.
They are yummy! I always freeze them so that they don't get eaten in one sitting!

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