Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More Yarn Please!

Signs of Spring? Well, there are suddenly plenty growing in neighbours' gardens, but these were a surprise from a friend. I only wish you could smell them! I left them shut in the kitchen, as it's cooler there during the day and when I came home, the scent almost knocked me over! Enjoy the sunshine in the flowers! We are told to stare at yellow for a while if we are feeling depressed during the low light levels of winter.

Better late than never....
I had a present from my daughter for my birthday (last November), a luxury manicure. I wanted to save it for a school holiday as when I am working, nail polish wouldn't last 5 minutes. SoI thought Christmas would be a good time. The first day of the holidays arrived and my appointment, hm, but so did the snow! So all was cancelled! Then spring half term arrived! Hooray! No snow! So I had my lovely hand treatment! The best bits were the massage and wax treatments! The hardest (for any knitter, I would think) was to sit for 20 minutes and not do anything with my hands! The results were and are (I'm trying to keep up the good work with hand creams) amazing! Thanks Jin and Jim (her DH)!

Lovely hands!

Today, DH and I came back from work to find the following on our kitchen table!

What a great surprise! We were served English muffins with burgers inside. Meat for DH, a veggie burger with egg on top, for me! Then My favourite chocolate covered ice lolly for desert!


Coldharbour Mill

Yesterday, DH and I went to our favourite yarn mill. The objects of the visit was to buy more yarn, have lunch and go for a walk. However, the yarn purchase will have to wait :(

At Christmas time, the leat for the water wheel froze as did the pipes in the mill building. So on the weekend when there should have been a steam up and we were meeting an old friend there for lunch, the whole complex was closed! They couldn't even open the cafe as there had been a burst pipe in that building too!
To show you the mill's setting (wouldn't mind living there!)

Today when we visited, the cafe had been reopened after the ceiling that the water from the burst pipe had brought down had been fixed. Today in the lovely sunshine, the mill race was flowing beautifully, but the yarn shop is still empty and being dried with dehumidifyers! All the lovely yarn has been ruined because a toilet pipe two floors up had burst! It ran through the cafe, but ended up in the shop on the floor below!

Uffcombe Village. Water from here was diverted into the mill race to power the water wheel, before the days of steam power.
The walk was a great sucess! The weather as I said earlier was just wonderful! Bright sunshine, but fresh feeling. Many spring flowers were blooming, such as snowdrops an chrocuses and tiny daffodils.

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  1. So sad about the yarn shop. John Narbon says we can still buy wool if we pre-order and collect from the Mill..

    huggles and seems you had a lovely day... Shani