Monday, 28 March 2011


I thought it was about time I posted some video of Steve spinning!

Fixing the drive band

Practicing treadling

He also gave Em a spinning lesson when she was last home from China.

Now she's gone back and we all miss her like crazy! But we know our children have to spread their wings and at getting on for 30, she needs to see the world! Most people would go to France or somewhere else for their first trip abroad, not Em! After meeting her first Chinese boyfriend while at college, China was her first choice of foreign soil!

This week, the south west of England has jumped a season, going from winter straight to summer!

We took a trip further west this weekend.....................for a very special lady

During this last weekend, my Mother-in-law turned 81! She deserved a something special, so we paid her a special visit!

I took these for fun, on the way down. Not far from Jamaica Inn. Yes the one named in the classic!

She celebrated our visit with an icecream. I think she's saying 'cheers'!

Can't remember what they were all looking at!
It was great to have DD#1 and our Son-in-law with us too! We had a great time looking at the tall ship in the harbour. 
I was great to be back by the seaside!

It was a great day! Great food, great company, a great reaction to a great surprise!
Because we had a few hours in the car and for the majority of the day, we sat and chatted, I was able to get a substanual amount of knitting done. I am making the Stripey Noro Messenger Bag by Deborah Cooke. I am knitting with some Noro I won in a raffle a couple of years ago. But I am not doing the stripes, I wanted it to be completely Noro! I only started it yesterday afternoon. I just have the flap to finish and then the sides and strap to do. Then I shall felt and line it. I know it's mostly stockig stitch, but it meant that I could chat and knit.

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