Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Stroll in The Hot Hot Sun!

Today, the rain has well and truelly left us for the day, at least! It feels like a proper summer's day! So we met up with Bec had a very good lunch and went for a walk in the woods. She and I had a rather large cheese salad with a huge bread roll, at the local farm cafe, attached to a cheese factory.

 Look carefully for the grasshopper!



We went to Greatwood where we parked the car next to two horse boxes. We kept meeting the horses and their riders as we walked.

This horse got a well deserved cool dip on a very hot day! I wished I had taken a pic of it when it left the was gleaming!

A lovely, very hot day!


  1. Days like yesterday are rarer than....

    What a lovely post though to look back and reflect on when it is bucketing down again...

    hugs Shani

  2. Thank yuou for your kind words!