Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Fantastic Day!

      Isn't it great when you meet up for a day with a friend you haven't seen for months? Today was just such a day....... I met up with Leigh who I used to work with until she moved out of the area. We met at the bus station (we share the fact that neither of us drives) and then Dad suggested that we go to the local cafe for coffee. When Dad is staying we go there almost every day, but only when the weather's kind enough, as we invariably have his little Jack Russell, Billy, with us and of course, can only have a coffee if we sit outside.

Then after a few food purchases, we made our way home. After a light snack for lunch, Leigh said that she had been given a teacosy kit for Christmas, but that as she didn't knit she had shoved it out of the way and almost forgotten about it! So of course, as any friend would, I asked if she would like a knitting lesson. She said that she didn't think she would be able to learn, but I said, that there were few people who found they could really not do it. To cut this story short, she is one of the fastest students I have ever taught! She had it within about 10 mins! I think we were both amazed!

I think she has almost got it..................
.......................... Looking much more comfortable!

Later we had a tea which consisted of Cheese and Cucumber Flan (recipe to follow!) and salad with baked potatoes, followed by Strawberries and Clotted Cream. I provided the first course, Leigh provided the dessert......thank you, the strawbs and cream was wonderful and a real treat!
Then after sitting chatting for a while it was time to drop my lovely friend home. It is just as well Steve drives, as if we had been reliant on buses, we would have only had a couple of hours together! However, as we neared Leigh's home town, we were diverted a couple of times. After that, and a welcome stop for a very quick, qery strong coffee, we eventually arrived home at 11pm!

It was all worth it, I am thinking, as I get ready for bed. I have spent quality time with a great friend, who now has a new skill! Where will it take her? It has taken me to Scotland, Caused me to have the courage to set up my own craft group and through the crafts of both knitting and crochet,I have met and made yet more wonderful friends!

Last night something fantastic happened! Steve, who had attended Spin Night, when he accompanied me to Stirling, and been inspired by what he saw, expressed a wish to spin. So, when we arrived home, we checked out the price of wheels. We couldn't afford one right away. However, a friend, Anita, from the Group, when she heard of Steve's wish wanted to teach him. She later appeared with her daughter's wheel. That was Tuesday last week, last night everything clicked into place and Steve is now SPINNING! I am so excited as now we can manage all the processes, except sheering (and I guess that could be arranged!) towards producing our own scratch knitted garments! I am SO proud of him! Go Steve!!!

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