Sunday, 26 September 2010

Home...........Back to Reality?

Well not quite! There was still a lot of fibre and chat going on! But before I get on to that.........

We arrived home at about 11pm Saturday night. Sunday, we had to be up with the lark, as DD#2 had to be at work half an hour's drive away and needed her Dad to take her. So we saw her safely there and called into a garden centre fpr a quick bite to eat. We then set off for Heaven's Gate, where our dearly departed dog, Daisy came from. We watched the dogs who are waiting for homes go through their agility paces. Some were very talented! I fell in love with a couple of greyhounds, and somehow managed to resist (with Steve's help!).


Here's the link above, to the place where we often spend a Sunday afternoon so now you can picture us there most lazy Sunday afternoons! I was surprised that we weren't in any of the photos on the video. It's such a peaceful place and the little movie clip does it real justice,

The canal will still be there next weekend, the dogs were well worth the visit!

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