Sunday, 14 March 2010


Today was a day of surprises! I was given a dear little basket of spring flowers, tiny daffodils, irises and hyacinths from my husband, a bunch of tulips and hyacinths from my eldest, a pair of earrings from daughter #2 and a bottle of wine from daughter #3! Thank you all so much! I love them all!

I think the greatest surprise of all, was a visit from Jan! She was hiding in the livingroom when we came back from church Great to see her again! I snapped this just as she was leaving. 

We went to a local garden centre for lunch and she bought some veg seeds for her garden. She is holding, amongst other things, a copy of  Hillier's Guide for the Ammature Gardener. This book was much prized by Steve, who was given it by someone who he use to garden for, back in his roundsman days.. He said wistfully that he misses the gardening on days such as today was. Spring feels as if it is really beginning to happen and the light is changing, no longer the weak sunny winter light, but the type of light that feels stronger adn has the promise of warmth about it..

Here are my lovely cards         

                        My Beautiful flower basket from my husband
My lovely fowers from Jan.
There was also a bottle of Blossom Hill wine from my youngest. Thank you everyone! Thank you also for lunch and the great walk along the canal afterwards! I had a brilliant day.

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