Sunday, 21 March 2010

And so to Cornwall...........

Today we travelled to Cornwall to spend the day with Irene, my Mother-In-Law's 80th birthday. Steve, Em, Bec and her boyfriend Marcus, all travelled down, setting off at just before 8am From here in Somerset. We generally stop off near Oakhampton for a break and then travel on to St Austell.

Lunch was at 1pm at the Carclays. Usually there is a great view of the bay below, but today wasn't worth the photo! It was so hazy. Maybe next time!
 Our Great Nephew was there today and as no one seemed in a rush to leave after the meal, he sat in hs high chair and entertained us during conversational lulls! He began by getting his Dad's attention (His Mum couldn't join us a she had to work...) but he knew exactly how to play to his audience! First he kept throwing his toy cars on the floor. He would then say a cute little 'uh oh' and then smile endearingly at his Dad. Then he made out he was trying to undo the strap on his chair and made us all laugh with the funny faces he was pulling! He was really a very well behaved little person as he sat there from 1-3pm! He's not even 2 years old yet!

Irene had some great presents, although she hasn't opened them all yet, her birthday isn't until Wednesday. We all had a great time with everyone. Once again we didn't come home empty handed. Irene has always given the girls orange juice to bring home, ever since they were babies, today was no exception. Then there were the local papers and also some home baked cakes, one a fruit cake, was for Steve, the other, a banana cake was for Em.

A grand day out!
Thanks, great parents!

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