Saturday, 13 March 2010


Today has really felt like the first day of spring! The light here is changing,the sun is getting stronger and there was more warmth in the sun before the wind got up this afternoon. The greatest test? As I rushed into the town early this morning, I needed to take my coat off before I overheated!

Later, as I travelled to Wells by bus, I counted 11 mqgpies in a field, obviously they feel it is time to display and a green woodpecker flew right at the side of the bus as we travelled along a country road! I gasped, but I think I may have been the only person who really saw him! I think they are beautiful! Below is a link to the RSBP web page where you can see illustrations of the bird, listen to its call and watch a very short video (unfortunately it looks as though it's raining, but it gives you an idea.

I visited Wells market again today and, wow! What a difference! Two weeks ago the weather was cold and there was hardly anyone around, today with the sunshine, you couldn't move for the crowds and there were queues (lines) for everything! I bought some black pudding for Steve from the Lancastrian stall. It tastes better if you don't know what goes into it! Some potato cakes, another Lancashire delicacy that I miss my mother-in-law making on our weekly Sunday visits!

Mother-in-law used to prepare them, place them in the fridge and then, when it was nearly teatime, she would put them in the AGA cooker. Then when they were ready, we would eat them lightly spread with butter. Yum!

At long last, actually last Saturday (I just didn't get round to taking the photos!) I have finished my Ravelympic attempt! Here is the result

I need to improve my photography skills, I know, but it gives you an idea. Although I finished after the Olympics had ended, I did manage to finish within 2 weeks. I just had SO many other things going on that I couldn't start on the correct date.

Tonight we are watching John Betjeman traveling by train within Norfolk. The intersting thing about it is that it was filmed in 1962. The title, should you not be able to find it on BBC iplayer, is John Betjeman Goes by Train. I am sure there must be a DVD. Just the social content is interesting, although I don't know the area at all.

This afternoon, Sue and Tess returned for another crochet lesson. They are the sisters who crocheted together on the sofa at out last club meeting. They are both lovely ladies and full of fun! They have now progressed from chain to double crochet. Both went away happy and ready to practise what they have learned.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all who are going to celebrate on Sunday March 14th!

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