Sunday, 7 March 2010


As promised Anita brought her wheel today. This was a first for us. I believe she is the only member of the group who spins at present (of course this may change!). Here is a lady who loves the creative process from start to finish! She purchases dyed fibre, but the rest is all her own work. She spins, hand or machine-knits or crochets and produces some wonderful garments!

We all loved the soothing sound of the wheel as it spun, so soothing!Sorry, Anita, next time I'll make sure I catch you spinning, not adjusting!

Two new ladies came today. Sue and Tess. Here they are showing that they have learned a new skill, crochet! As it was Sue's birthday today, I thought she ought to have a cake! I know what you're saying.............any excuse!



  So of course, it had to be chocolate. 


  Once again Patricia was creating more of her lovely baby crocheted jackets, hats, bootees and leggings. They are so perfect. All in beautiful colours. She was working in a self-striping yarn today, but when crocheted, it is varigated.

Another friend, is in the process of moving and donated this yarn to us. It arrives in a box just labelled 'wool'. I opened it at the club today and discovered she had put the yarn into colour groups! I was just expecting a bin liner or something similar inside! It was a lovely surprise. Anita who workswith young people who have had a rough time took some of the yarn for a young girl who is desperate to knit something, yet has nothing. She was found trying to knit using a pencil and crochet hook because she had no needles! Those of us with a stash and all that goes with, such as needles and pretty stitch markers let us count our blessings! We are always adding fibre, I talk as much to myself here, but maybe sometimes we need to think more of what others may be in need of! The colours in these little bags look so lovely, maybe they could be used to bless more desperate young people!

I wish I had something of my own to show you this time! But alas, so near yet sofar still unfinished! I am pleased with how my ravelympic cardi is shaping up. Howevver the yarn is an unknown quantity to me being 30% wool and the rest Draylon! It is very soft, but I am just a little conserned that it is prone to felting or pilling! Pictures will be up as soon as it's finished.

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  1. Caroline what a lovely group! Spinning and knitting - what a wonderful way to spend a day with pals. And you all are doing a bit of Yarn Storming yourselves. We ARE sister groups! Our best to our UK fiber friends!
    Cindy and the Little Red Barn Gang