Sunday, 28 February 2010


Today we revisited Clevdon. The first time we went there was for Steve's birthday, with D#1,#2,#3 and son-in law.

It is an interesting place. Typical of Victorian 'seasidieness'. But there must have been money there at one time as there are many fine houses.

We enjoyed the Poet's Walk as mentioned in the Somerset Teashop walks. We finished up at Scarlets, which I would recommend for tea, coffee and hot chocolate. They also do good food.
I am just reallising that I should have taken more pictures! The archway looking out to Wales on the opposite coast, is part of a little shelter was for looking out for the ships sailing in with cargoes of sugar. I would think that would have given a better idea of how grand the place is! Having said that, the pier is tiny! It was rebuilt not so long ago. As part of the fundraising for the build, there are numerous metal plaques, both on the decking and above the benches on each side of the walkway.

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