Monday, 15 February 2010


Steve and I had to make a trip to Nottingham recently. It was really for buisness, but all expenses paid and we had a great time. On the way we noticed this church looking rather forboding at frist, atop a hill near the motorway. We decided it needed futher inspection.

There is quite a strange, or at least, it seems so to me, canopied pew. This has now been moved to the side of the interior of the church, but once stood in the centre. It was where the Lord of the Manor once sat, with his family. Other members of the congregation must have found it difficult to see what was happening nesr the altar, such is the size of the private pew.

As can be seen below, the pews still have their little doors on.I guess this would keep the winter
draughts to a minimum and keep children who might otherwise run around contained.

Coming out into the sunlight again, although the day was crisp, with a feel that the night might be frosty, we imagined the feel that rain or mist would give to this high hill...

and thought it would become quite brooding in atmosphere!

The weekend proved fun, a great hotel to stay in, a good meal in the evening. Our only regret was that we hadn't taken our swimming things as we could have made use of the hotel's pool!

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