Friday, 19 February 2010


The purple is the correct version, the cream is my attempt, under construction!

Do you ever listen to The Knitmore Girls podcast? Wll, if you do, you will have heard the section of theirs called 'When Knitting Attacks'. Yesterday, I sat down to finish a rather brave attempt, a much praised attempt at making a top without a pattern, just a completeed shop bought garment to copy. Hold the praise everyone who said I was brave! I got bitten to the bone by last night! I worked all afternoon on the top, as just like many Ravel-ers, I signed up for Ravelympics I have been trying since Monday to get this thing finished and was so close by last night! But then I discovered that the back was not centred properly! Oh no! I have now had permission from DH to put it down for a while, (I don't really need his permission, but it just made me feel good when he agreed with me that I need to take a break from said top for a while) as I think I drove him mad last night! So to the lady for whom it will one day be foinished, my greatest apologies, but it has to be right for you orit won't hang properly!

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