Saturday, 6 February 2010


Christmas 2009 was not at all the way we had planned it to be! DH and Bex had a bad bout of flu, we didn't bother to tell anyone as we had heard that Tami flu makes most people feel worse and we thought that as with any virus, the Doc would just say to go to bed and let the bug take it's course. Bex spent several days asleep in the dark in the living room (it was warmer there than in her attic) and DH even took some time off from the shop! Unheard of! AND he had to be persuaded at that! However, it was the first time in 6 years and he has been working non-stop, six days a week. About the only plus in all this was that I had more knitting time, hence the socks and sweaters below, it felt wrong going off and leaving them! The shop was covered, as Daughter #2 volunteered to take care of everything! She was an absolute star! Thank you SO much!

So we did not visit DH#1 over Christmas as planned, but at New Year, which meant that we could spend longer with her and her DH.

Left are the slipper socks she requested for Christmas. They should have been crocheted but I couldn't get the tension correct, so I ended up knitting them.

We spent a great time on New Year's Eve playing games on their friends Wii, I failed miserably at scoring very much, but had a good laugh.

Saturday, we walked over Greenham Common. The snow still lay on the ground and had frozen the previous night. If you know the common, you will know there is plenty of water and boggy ground there. When it is not frozen, you have to pick your way carefully, but today was fine, it was all icey but the grass and moss stopped it being slippery. My DH and son-in-law spent almost an hour throwing stones at the ice on the surface of some of the deeper pools. It must have been really thick as it took so long, with many hefty stones to break the ice or even to crack it

Left Thank Ravelry for the February Lady's Sweater! I just want to make more and more! Maybe Ravolympics will see me making another, maybe in a multicoloured yarn.

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